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Glowing and Light up items




EL Wire Fiber Optics EL Wire Flowers
Glowing EL Wire

Glowing EL Wire battery powered

Battery powered Glowing wire

10 Colors

Glowing fiber optic sprays

Glowing fiber optic barrettes

Glowing fiber optic clips

Glowing flowers

Glowing flower pins


Complete kit, just add battery

3 foot, 5 foot, and 20 foot lengths

Glowing hair extensions in 10 colors, for parties, weddings, proms, festivals

Replaceable batteries for long term use

Beautiful flowers to attach
to your hair or costume
Battery powered
From $ 9.50 $ 2.92 From $ 13
Glowing Wire Glowing Glowing Flowers



LED Strings Stick Figure Butterflies
Bicycle with LED lights in spokes
Suit with LED light strings
Battery powered Glowing stick figure costume Glowing butterfly body decoration
Battery powered
Strings of bright LED lights
Stick Figure kit.  Ready to pin, sew or glue to your clothes.  Glowing Butterfly with battery powered EL wire
From $ 4.90 $ 59 From $ 17
Glowing LED Light strings Glowing Stick Figure Kit Glowing Butterfly decorations


Bike Streamers Glow Earrings Glowing Fiber Whip
Glowing bike streamers

Battery powered Glowing streamers for your bicycle

Glowing Earrings with replaceable batteries Glowing Fiber whip
Glowing Fiberoptic Streamers for Bike Handlebars.   Battery powered, lasts for hours. Glowing LED Earrings with Cubic Zirconia stones, and replaceable batteries Fiber Optic Whip for dancing fun!  30 inches of glowing fibers. 
$ 12 $ 14 $ 5
Glowing Streamers for your bike handlebars Glowing LED earrings whip with Glowing fibers


LED Strips Light Up Petticoats Bottle Sparkles
Bright Stips of LEDs
LED strips for bright glowing Headbands, bracelets and necklaces

Glowing Tutus and Petticoats Fiber optic decoration for bottles at parties or weddings
Fiber optic bottle decorations
LED strips with Velcro attachments
Use as headband, bracelet, necklace,
anklet, belt or to accent your costume
Glowing Battery Operated Petticoats
with Fiber Optic Sparkles
Add a sparkling spray of fiber optic color
to your Party bottles
From $ 8 From $29 $ 4.75
  Glowing fiber optics in the fabric of this Tutu Glowing fiber optic decorations

Cropped length jacket with light up LED lighting
Light up faux fur jacket
Light up skirt and top set

Light up fur leg warmers/boot covers
Light Up Cropped Jacket Light Up Skirt and Top Set Light Up Fur Leg Warmers
$ 119 $ 79 $ 69

Long Faux Fur Coat in Rainbow Sherbet Colors Long faux fur coat with multi colored lights Hip Length Light Up Coat from J Valentine in Rainbow Sherbet Colors

Long Light Up Coat White Light-up Fur Coat Hip Length Fur Coat in Rainbow Sherbet Colors with LED Lights
$297  $ 297 $ 197



5 Petal EL Wire Flower Red

EL Wire 4 Petal Flower with Burning Man attire Glowing Burning Man costume
EL wire Red Rose EL Wire 4 Petal Flower Glowing flowers with 5 petals
Glowing embellishments for hats

Fabulous hats are available by special order.




Flower and EL Wire Colors

EL Wire Color Selection

White, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Aqua, Blue, Purple

Fiber Optic Hair Barettes in Green, Red and Blue

Burning Man attire on model

Rose and Glowbys

EL Wire Flower with 4 petals on Burner Girl Glowing stick figure costume kit
    A more elaborate stick figure costume


Glowing Cutie in Playa finery Glowing stick figure costume Glowing hat with white feathers
Hair adornments complete a sexy rave costume You can be creative with the stick figure costume. White Glowbys and white feathers make a nice cascade of light
Glowing flowers and fiberoptics EL Wire hat Rave Wear Fiber Optics in Pink Glowby
Glowbys and a flower together make a complete look.   Glowing EL Wire flower with Fiber optic sprays