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Glowing Fiber Optic barrettes

Glowing Fiber Optics

Compact, battery powered clips
with a glowing spray of fiber optics

Clip to hair, clothes, hat, bike

Replaceable batteries last 6 hours


Fiber Optic Hair Barrettes 

$2.92 each

Barrette body with dime to compare size


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Reg fiber optic spray

Gold Fiber Optic barrette
Orange Fiber Optic spray

Green Glowby Fiber Optic clip

Aqua Color example
Red Gold Orange Green Aqua (Sea Green)

Blue clipped to bikini top

Violet Glowby

Pink Glowby spread out
White Glowby
White Glowby
Three color changing Glowby called Rainbow color
Blue Violet
black light effect
Pink White Rainbow flashes
red, green, blue


Other fiber optic products  


Fiber optic clips

Fiber optic clips

Fiber optic whip Fiber optic decoration for bottles at parties or weddings
Fiberoptic Streamers
for Bike Handlebars
They fit into the holes at the
end of your handlebar handles.
Battery powered, lasts for hours.
Fiber Optic Whip
for dancing fun! 
30 inches of glowing fibers. 
Bottle neck fiber optics
Add a sparkling spray of fiber optic color
to your Holiday Party bottles.
You can pour with the fibers glowing.
$ 12 $ 5 $ 4.75
Fiber optic clips Video of whip in action Fiber optic clips


Add other glowing art to make a spectacular hair piece  
   Blue Glowbys
with a glowing pink rose

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